2019 APPPAH International Congress - Denver, CO

Beyond Prenatal Memory… 


Unite the World: Prenatal Memory Global Project

     My name is Yuko Igarashi, I am an International Coordinator, Prenatal Memory Navigator, English/Japanese Trans-Creator, and a Visual Catalyst. I launched the "Prenatal Memory Global Project" last December at The Society for Mind-Body Science 28th Annual Conference with Dr. Akira Ikegawa (the leading researcher of the Prenatal Memory) and Dr. Masayuki Ogkado (a Professor, a researcher of the Prenatal Memory, and Past Life Memory). 

The Society for Mind-Body Science 28th Annual Conference - Dec 2018

In November 2019, I have gathered 10 remarkable professionals from Japan and China to present our stories of how listening to children's prenatal memories and experiences created social impact throughout our nation for the last 20 years and present our findings at the Pre-Congress Workshop and the Breakout Session at 2019 APPPAH International Congress. We are very pleased to welcome the top OB-GYN doctors of China, Dr. Ma LiangKun and Dr. Zheng RuiMin who have recently started their scientific research on Prenatal Education.


Two doctors from China will be presenting "Mindful Based Child Birth in China" and one entrepreneur from Hong Kong, Ms. Samantha Ying, will be presenting "Prenatal Education: Creating a Harmonious Foundation for New Families".


We will have the greatest chance to talk about our Unite the World: Prenatal Memory Global Project and I will talk about the social impacts and The Future of Epigenetics: Turning Biological Switch with Prenatal Memory.

Dr. Verny - History of Prenatal Memory a
Dr. Chamberlain - History of Prenatal Me

Slide Images From Dr. Ikegawa's Presentation: APPPAH 2019