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Announcing "Unite the World: The Prenatal Memory Global Project" at Chubu University

FINALLY! I had some time to update information from "The Society for Mind-Body Science 28th Annual Conference", which was held in December 2018. I know, I know it has been quite a while since then. But from this announcement, one thing led to another, I had no time to complete my writing. But...Here it is!

The Society for Mind-Body Science 28th Annual Conference (Dec 2. 2018)

The Society for Mind-Body Science 28th Annual Conference Program Link: Introductory Video:

Date: 2 December 2018

Place: Chubu University, Kasugai, Aichi, Japan Time: 10:40 AM - 12:00 PM

Group session Title: Unite the World: the Prenatal Memory Global Project Commentator: Dr. Akira Ikegawa & Dr. Masayuki Ohkado Organizer/Moderator/Emcee: Yuko Igarashi

Our session begun with the Crystal Bowl music played by MIKI (Hideki Takeuchi)

Crystal Bowl Performance by MIKI (Hideki Takeuchi)

Having Dialogues with Prenates Using Visualization and Imagery Techniques

Hideki Takeuchi - Healing House: Hypnotherapist/Sound Therapist (AKA:MIKI )

MIKI (Hideki Takeuchi) has been using hypnotherapy with the sound of the crystal bowl to guide pregnant mothers to talk with their unborn babies through visualization and imagery techniques. He has been practicing hypnotherapy for more than 20 years.

During one of his sessions, he simply followed his intuition and describes his first hypnotherapy for pregnant mothers which happened 13 years ago. He realized this visualization and imagery techniques will not only relieve mother’s stress but also create an unbreakable bond between a mother and a baby.

There was short video footage of an actual hypnotherapy session that he shared which showed a mother

having a conversation with her unborn baby.

He has been conduction open hypnotherapy sessions after the screening of the film, The Promise: The Prenatal Memories of Children since February 2018. At these open-to-public hypnotherapy sessions, he does not pre-select a client prior to an event. He selects a client from their audience on a spot. So there’s no prior knowledge about a patient until they meet for the first time on a stage. MIKI explains the only reason why he could publicly conduct these open sessions possible simply as this: the most of the mothers are deeply wishing to have a heart-to-heart dialogue with their unborn babies. Babies in a womb will respond to the questions and answers back as internal dialogues to their mother's minds. He shared some common questions are the scheduled date of birth, the selection of their name, the reason for selecting their mother (or father), and description of their environment in a womb. Here is an example of typical dialogue.

MIKI: Why did you choose your mom? Baby: "I want to protect my mommy" MIKI: Why do you want to protect your mom? Baby: I want to make my mommy happy. MIKI: What do you want to say to your dad? Baby: "Please take care of my mommy" MIKI: Did you decide your dad? Baby: "I chose my mom" MIKI: How would you make your mom be happy? Baby: “Mommy will be happy if family members can feel close.”

This photo is showing a mother experienced the conversation with her baby in a womb through MIKI’s open-to-public hypnotherapy session. A mother commented “Miraculous” after the session with a bright smile and tears.

MIKI explains the only reason why he is able to publicly announce these open sessions is simply this:

All mothers deeply wish to talk with their unborn babies.

Babies provide very clear answers and most common answers are the selection of their name, the date of delivery, the reason of selecting their mother (or father), and description of their environment in a womb.

After this conference, MIKI became a movie producer To Mother Earth :  Messages from the Universe and currently showing nationally and internationally. Here is a link for trailer.

You can listen to his music on his YouTube channel.

Application of Prenatal Memory and Baby Sign in Early Childhood Education

Yuko Tsuchihashi - Score: Director of the Early Childhood Development Center

Yuko Tsuchihashi shared her experience of having a verbal and non-verbal communication utilizing Baby Signs with children (age 0 to 6) at her education center and integrating the concept of the Prenatal Memory in daily educational programs. Tsuchihashi introduced herself that she's working in the field of Child Development for 43 years. She looks awfully young for her age, don't you think? Tsuchihashi explains the difference between the operation of the standard early childhood educational facility compared with her “Prenatal Memory” based education at her center as this:

“Most of the early childhood education and their programs are created and operated simply with the views of adults who manage the facility. At my education center, Score, we take children’s opinions seriously and apply their wishes and desires in their daily activities.”

Her mother became a owner of the Score when she was 4 years old. Tsuchihashi has two more siblings, older and younger brothers, and her parents felt strong urge to create a place for their three children with a concept to socially raise children in their community. However, soon after they started their business, her parents seemed be overwhelmed by children. Tsuchihashi never thought she was taken care of by their staff. She felt sense of responsibility to interprete children's feelings, so she started to expressing herself and together she began to manage the facility with her parents. Having to work in the same facility for so many years, she was able to conduct many researches with children ranging from 0 to 6 years of age. As a very young researcher, Tsuchihashi held very unique Perspective of Education. Tsuchihashi can still recall her own prenatal memories and experiences which has been the biggest influence of operating her facility, Score. She values children’s opinions and viewpoints which is the core value of managing her facility. She takes opinions of her children between the ages of 0 to 6. You would probably think, “But how is it possible to listen to babies who haven’t developed verbal communication skills?” Her answer was very stunning and unusual. She said she remembers sensations and how she felt being inside of her mother’s womb. She recalls her memories very vividly and continues saying that she received information from her mother through the vibration coming through the amniotic fluid as cutaneous sensations. This unusual experience in a womb continued even after she was born. She clearly remembers how she “scientifically experienced human emotions” as a toddler and it helped her to develop a keen cognitive pathway and widen her perception along the way. As a result, she has been able to use what is closely explained as her “synesthesia” tremendously helped her to understand and decipher the desires of children. Her extrasensory perception guides many parents with very simple yet profound answers. She does not provide parenting tips, her answers have been closely described as spiritual guidance from a skillful clairvoyant. Tsuchihashi combines her synesthesia and the usage of Baby Signs which resulted in mastering nonverbal communication with infants and even babies in a womb. In her presentation, Tsuchihashi asked us “Why are we alive?” She continued saying that she remembered when she asked this same exact question to her mother and her mother replied as “To become happy.” She was puzzled when she heard the answer from her mother. Tsuchihashi being as a young child, she was very confused why adults have to become happy because as a child she felt children are effortlessly “happy”. Since then, her mother’s answer became a quest of understanding humanity and learned children and adults are holding a different point of view. Her mother and other adults said the education is to create the passage to become and reach the state of "happiness". However, children always feel happy and the education is to remain in the direction to stay in the state of "happiness".

Then Tsuchihashi asked the audience if they can think of the reason for adults feeling unhappy. She mentioned it is simply the result of how we repetitiously and learned to surrender our desires since when we were born. As you all know, all babies rely on others after they are born. With her years of experience working with children, she learned babies are actually trying to communicate with adults at all time. Yet adults cannot decipher babies slightest bodily languages to understand their desires. This negative repetition occurring every day is such trauma and children de-sensitized with the amount of neural information. Therefore, babies start to learn that the “act of kindness” from others are creating happiness and lack of them can lead to a stressful situation. In her words, we quickly forget to express ourselves at an early age and re-learn the program provided by adults in standard early childhood education. So she wanted to challenge and breakthrough these old patterns by allowing babies to freely express themselves as early as possible and decide to adopt the concept of the Prenatal Memory and Baby Sign Language at her facility to accept bidirectional communication with children. Tsuchihashi Further explains the Prenatal Memory Education is based on many stories of pre-birth memories and experiences shared by children, which helps adults to understand children’s perspective. She is very satisfied with how she has woven Prenatal Memory and bidirectional communication into her interactive educational method. Next she explained the case study and story of the mother who was diagnosed as hyperglycemia.

A child has drawn the picture above and described her feeling in a womb as this to her teacher: "My mommy loves anything sweet, and she was eating too much. I tried to tell her to stop eating desserts while I was in her tummy but she didn’t stop eating them. So I tried to tell the doctor about her problem! Do you see how I saved my mommy? Don’t you think I’m amazing?” Although this child does not know anything about the medical condition or definition of the hyperglycemia at a point of her life, she keenly detected her mother’s condition quite accuraly and precisely directed her mother to be seen by a doctor and diagnosed with hyperglycemia while she was in a womb. Since a mother was not aware with a condition of her own health and wouldn’t see a doctor about her problem if she hadn’t gone through regular check-up during her prenatal visit. This child detected her mother’s health was at risk while she was in a womb, and amazingly states that she was the one who tried to bring attention to a doctor. When her mother saw this drawing and listened to a story from her child she said: "I was truly grateful that my baby in a womb tried to tell me to take care of myself. And thanks to her, I began paying more attention to my body while I was pregnant." Tsuchihashi said when a child shared her thoughts about this picture, she was very proud of herself and did not share any negative comments toward her mother’s health condition. Instead, she expressed her bravery of saving her mother. Another case study reported by Tsuchihashi was a survey of the newborn babies on how they behave towards their sensation of urination. At SCORE, she conducted a survey for 180 newborn babies under 2 months of age and investigated how babies express urinary intent measured with a duration of 15 to 30 minutes for seven years from December 2001.

Her report and its results are fascinating.

Baby showing Sign Language showing Urination

Out of 180 of 180 infants reported the “urge before urination" through their baby signs. This result tells us that infants are trying to notify adults prior to urination yet if their physical signs are missed by the adult then babies would learn from their environment that adults will not understand their signs. Therefore babies will not notify adults in the end. Here is the list of How to Stay Happy Child-Based Education ① Selecting your answer based on your best comfort level ② To cherish children’s truth and their feelings before facts ③ To communicate with others using multiple senses ④ Clearly express your intentions ⑤ Education to teach children to strive throgh ⑥ Connecting consciousness and the body It is important to listen to children’s "Prenatal Memory" stories and understand what they are trying to tell us rather than focusing on these stories are scientific facts or not. Tsuchihashi emphasizes that the future of early childhood education is to completely believe in the potential of children and to support their wishes. She believes education will be able to create a peaceful future by accepting holistic approach and make better choices for you and for all people in the world. She uses her intuition daily to communicate with children, and attaining Prenatal Memory greately support operating her facility. She values each and every child's desires and wishes, using non-verbal communication skills to educate parents and people in many communities.

Possibility of Art Therapy: Prenatal Memory Unleashes the Spirit of the Soul

Soh Hirosawa - ClearMind: Conceptual Art Producer

Soh Hirosawa points out how the brand-new Prenatal Memory Art Work method can create a harmonious relationship between a mother and her children as well as among her family members and the whole society. He articulates the power of taking advantage of Prenatal Memory through expressive arts for individuals to accomplish their own mission.

Prenatal Memory Art Work is a new way of art therapy that integrates prenatal memory as the key to awakening with expressive arts as the medium of awareness. It allows individuals to start achieving their own goals instantly in everyday settings as opposed to conventional art therapy. Prenatal Memory Art Work helps each person to visualize the purpose of coming into the world through the dialogue with their own soul by evoking their memories before birth, using various forms of expressive arts. This mysterious experience of feeling their own soul, as the foundation of their existence coming through the expressive artwork which creates a passage and easily recollects their soul's journey that they have planned to do in this world prior to their birth. Prenatal Memory Art Work method encourages us to bring our positive intentions to our consciousness, which support individual to become aware of their mission to create a happy lifestyle for their own, and also reflect the same for the society. Expressive Artwork combining with the concept of Prenatal Memory makes the cognitive shift to our mind from the autonomous living to the desired reality. Such a positive way of self-actualization is the foundation of a healthy society.

Soh Hirosawa reported a case study of the social experience for a group of school children between 8 to 10 years-old, to become the constructive member of the society by contributing their artwork to represent themselves, then to circulate the economy. When the collection of masterpieces satisfied their creative mind, they held a small market to sell their artworks. First, they have figured out who they truly are through Prenatal Memory Art Work. Knowing their soul's true colors, they were able to express their values and reflected their internal voices into artworks. Finally, they found themselves connecting to people in their community which touched their hearts. It was truly an event filled with laughter and smiles. Children gained experience in how they can create their own reality in a positively by holding positive intentions.

Prenatal Memory is the Trans-Universal Heutagogy

Yuko Igarashi (ClearMind: Conceptual Art Director)

Yuko Igarashi explained how the Prenatal Memory can be approached with the scientific point of view. She believes learning about the Prenatal Memory will be the greatest global education and the foundation of the self-learning method for creating a peaceful future for our children. She attains a clear vision of her past-life, and life-between-life memories and experiences. Those fragments of images were stuck in her memories without any explanation which developed confusion in a childhood. However, this mysterious uncertainty cleared away after she met Dr. Akira Ikegawa. In 2017, Igarashi met Dr. Ikegawa who is the leading researcher of Prenatal Memory in Japan. She learned about the concept of Prenatal Memory and found out there is about 30% of the children who talk about their Prenatal Memory around 2 to 4 years old. Also the result of his research, there were about 1% of adults recalling their Prenatal Memory. Two attendees from our group, Igarashi, and Tsuchihashi happen to attain these unusual memories. The concept of Prenatal Memory may be considered a fantasy created and told by children. However, Prenatal Memory can be regarded as the gateway to deeply understand consciousness, to capture children’s pristine knowledge of non-3-dimensional experiential aspects of the inner life soul. 【Overview Effect】On December 7, 1972, the crew of Apollo 17 called the earth the Blue Marble and brought back a vivid image of the Earth.

Frank White said the astronauts experienced enlightenment and transformed their consciousness when they saw the beautiful Earth from outer space. This cognitive shift in awareness is called the “Overview Effect”. He suggested that those experiences of the astronauts are a crucial message from the earth to save humanity. Igarashi shared his words at the event “The Overview Effect - Astronauts’ unique view of earth, and what we can all learn from it” at the Harvard on December 7th, 2012 (The Overview Effect: Freethink@Harvard).

"We are on the spaceship Earth. We are the crew. We need to work well together as the crew of Spaceship Earth.” “...You are an astronaut. You are on the spacecraft. Differences between you and Ron Garan and Jeff Hoffman is that they have gone away and they’ve seen this reality which they know experientially and we know intellectually but it’s really the same thing we all are an astronaut.”

Frank White and the short film Overview certainly created a huge cognitive shift inside of her.

She shared the survey conducted by the University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Laboratory in 2016, they have analyzed the testimony of hundreds of astronauts who gazed at the Earth from outer space and proposed three common senses:

1. Experiencing Awe: A greater appreciation for Earth and its beauty 2. Self-Transcendence: Understanding the connection to all things 3. Perspective and Identity: An overwhelming sense of emotions

It is wonderful that most of the astronauts were able to bring back these amazing prosperity, and she wondered how many people actually experienced this phenomenon. As of April 2017, the total number of astronauts who flew to the universe as defined by the International Air Federation was 558 people from 38 countries. The world population projection announced in the United Nations in June of the same year was 7.6 billion people. We can easily say that there are very few people who can experience the overview effect. The astronauts realized our planet Earth’s aesthetic beauty for the first time when they left the Earth. It is nearly impossible for us to experience the "Overview Effect" from outer space, however, Igarashi believes that we can promote cognitive shift and the feeling of transformative experience by learning about the concept of Prenatal Memory.

【Cosmic Consciousness and Prenatal Memory】 The Overview Effect is a phenomenon that astronauts glances at the earth from outer space and immediately feel the urge to protect the "borderless blue marble as one living organism". Igarashi linked the concept of Overview Effect and Prenatal Memory. She suggested imagining our “soul” from the point of view of “the earth” in Overview Effect. As the astronauts breathlessly glance over the beautiful and fragile planet earth, what if we observe our soul in this way? She believed that fusing Overview Effect, the concept of Prenatal Memory, and the Expressive Arts Therapy techniques may greatly empower each other. To verify this hypothesis, she conducted experiential Interactive Prenatal Memory Artwork.

【Prenatal Memory Artwork】 ClearMind held their first Prenatal Memory Artwork event "My Cosmos, Our Cosmos" in May 2018 in Enoshima, Fujisawa-city, Kanagawa-prefecture. Approximately 70 people participated in an artwork. If we include all observers and visitors, there were about 100 participants. The age group of children who joined the activity with their mothers was ranged from 3 years old to mid teens. There were a few cases of single adult participants. Many participants left comments and wrote in our survey that Prenatal Memory Artwork inspired them and intuitively perceive their soul.

First, participants created their soul with a paper clay with a guided instruction so that they can be relaxed in the meditative state of mind.

Next, they each drew their own cosmos, their soul’s home ground and gently placed their soul on their cosmos.

Participants painted the mandala of our cosmos together. Even our smallest toddlers enjoyed creating a mandala and amazingly, they all worked harmoniously together. ]

After the mandala was completed, each of them gently placed their soul on “Our Cosmos” which was surrounded by a painting of “My Cosmos”.

We held our hands together circling around this mandala while Igarashi led mindful guided meditation for the group. This guided meditation is to take participants to their original source of energy, the zero point field to feel their microcosmos and macro cosmos merging into one source.

Using the imagery techniques to feel the universal connectedness, Igarashi tenderly asks some questions. How does it feel to view our soul reside outside of your body? Where did you originally come from? What is it like to feel awe and euphoria?

With this guided group meditation, participants experienced aerial perspective. They were able to leave their small frame of physical body and many have experienced universal connectedness as group energy and gained the cosmic perspectives. Our soul is connected as one single organism “Advayatā, Sanskrit, oneness” floating in the vast universe just like the planet earth. This dynamic encounter of participant’s group energy made the epiphany that learning about the Prenatal Memory will be the greatest global education and the foundation of self-learning method for creating a peaceful future. 【How to Utilize Prenatal Memory in Our Daily Life 】 Igarashi continued that once we understand the concept of Prenatal Memory, we can accept our existence more freely as a spiritual soul experiencing the physical world by our sensory experience through the body. Igarashi believes that Prenatal Memory may lead us to the understanding of our soul and the afterlife. Furthermore, the concept of Prenatal Memory has been motivated and driven many individuals to become social contributors. In Japan, Prenatal Memories have been instrumental in solving many cases of difficult parenting situations such as a miscarriage, a child suffering an ailment, raising twins or other multiples, born with a physical handicap, and so on. Many mothers in these situations have been uplifted and inspired to spread the concept of Prenatal Memory by creating a positive connection in their local communities. We should regard those who broadcasting Prenatal Memory are the one creating a cognitive shift and the “leader of social phenomena aspiring for world peace”. 【The POWER of the ART】

One of the participants, Ms. Yuko Okoshi (White Field), at the event drew "My Cosmos" had a stunning result. When Igarashi interviewed her about her drawing, she explained how she perceived the image through guided meditation prior to an artwork. This is what she told me:

I was so excited to come to earth.

I saw something green at first.

I felt it may be a body of water.

In my conscious mind, I knew I need to jump into that water.

I said explained that the red and pink color indicated as my soul.

I went straight into the water.

It was very dark and very hard to see anything at first.

Then I was able to see a blurry image of green light.

I thought it was Earth but way greener than the real earth.

Suddenly bright yellow sparked, it was very bright.

I knew I’m coming to the right place.

My soul seemed to be the color of pink and red.

I felt very relaxed and relieved to go there.

Mr. Hisao Yoshizawa who is a spiritual medium interpreted the meaning of Yuko Okoshi’s artwork.

Mr. Yoshizawa said she described her conception memories and experiences. He said blue indicates an ovum, red and pink indicates a sperm which unified together creating a bright spark of light.

Ms. Okoshi was not even aware of her vision describing the scientific reality. Igarashi spoke to Ms. Okoshi after having the interview with Mr. Yoshizawa, and mentioned this amazing scientific fact of real spark at the conception. She couldn't believe capturing such a moment in her drawing.

【Prenatal Memory and Trans-Universal Heutagogy】 Prenatal Memory is the greatest global education (Trans-Universal) method and the foundation of self-learning (Heutagogy) for creating a sustainable and peaceful future for our children. The Prenatal Memory Global Project has been launched to offer the experience of the consciousness’ voyage, to experience a cognitive shift, and feel the universal connectedness to gain cosmic perspective to live in the Sea of Quantum Field. We deeply believe that the combination of Prenatal Memory and any form of Art is the key to changing our physical, emotional, and spiritual environment. 【Conclusion】 Our Prenatal Memory Global Project team believe that we can achieve the state of unconditional love and build a peaceful society for the future by increasing the general public awareness about the Prenatal Memory. Prenatal Memory Global Project will continue announcing information regarding Prenatal Memory in both English and Japanese. We will advocate the “family - the smallest unit of society” is the key to unite humanity acquiring cosmic consciousness shattering the boundaries of borders, races, languages, cultures, and a socio-human cognitive framework. Moreover, we would like to demonstrate learning Prenatal Memory through matters related to fertilization, birth, and parenting is the most profound and effective way to bring peace on earth with a combination of experiential Interactive Prenatal Memory Artwork which will liberate consciousness with this brand-new creative activities. Igarashi concluded as this:

Prenatal Memory can be the foundation of Trans-Universal Heutagogy which is the greatest global education and self-learning method to teach unconditional love, sustainable living, and to build a peaceful future for our children.

Who are ready to join this effort with us? More Photos from: Symposium with Prenatal Memory Leading Researchers:Dr. Akira Ikegawa and Dr. Masayuki Ohkado

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