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Dear Mommy/ママへ/Драга мама/Aγαπητή Μαμά/Querida Mamá/ Chère Maman

I am so proud to announce the Collection of "Dear Mommy" in 6 languages! Dear Mommy Project has been started from a picture book written and illustrated by Megu. And I was so inspired by her Japanese book called "ママへ” that I wanted to translate it into English to share it with the world. After I shared my English version of Dear Mommy, I received requests for creating it in other languages. Megu and I were very excited to know that there are people who can feel this "unconditional love" from the unborn baby. The concept of Prenatal Memory has been popularized by the leading researcher, Akira Ikegawa. More than 20 years of Ikegawa and other researcher's efforts, many people in Japan have known the fact that the babies in the womb are conscious, aware, and have emotions. Yuko Igarashi, who is a transcreator for bridging the Eastern sensibility and Science, hopes sharing this short video will touch many people to inspire a "new perspective" and start to notice our consciousness. So far, we have created English, Japanese, Serbian, Greek, Spanish version of this book. I would like to extend our appreciation for our great translators and narrators!!!

Thank you so much!!! Japanese Narrator - Meguminote

Serbian Translator & Narrator - Dragana Tosic

Greek Translator & Narrator - Eleni Potnia Skrekou

Spanish Translator & Narrator - Yurina Tsuda

French Translator & Narrator - Laeticia Romanetti

English TransCreator & Narrator - Yuko Igarashi

Currently, we are working on the Chinese version added to this project. Megu and I are looking forward to creating this book in many other languages so that it will reach out to every place on this beautiful planet Earth. If you are inspired just like these courageous and sensible ladies, please contact Yuko for creating YOUR "Dear Mommy" project in your language.


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