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Value of "LIFE" and Shichida Method

I read a Facebook post from Mr. Ko Shichida this morning and thought that I wanted to share this news with you all today. Ko Shichida is the current President and CEO of the Shichida Educational Institute, Inc. And he shared the news with us in Japanese that Román, Maria Teresa contacted Mr. Makoto Shichida, the founder of the Shichida Method for permission to use a quote from his book, "Babies Are Geniuses" more than 10 years ago. Ko received a book yesterday, which was addressed to his father "Makoto Shichida" from the author who lives in Spain. And in the package contained a book:

Ko posted a blog yesterday, sharing this news with us in Japanese with a title: 地球に来たい天使たち

Ko wrote on his blog: ...according to Google Translate, the title is "Light Up the World with New Life".

The subtitle is "Embracing the Angels Who Want to Come to Earth".

On the back cover, it says above, "Light up the world with new life...

"There are alternatives to abortion, and one of them is adoption. It is a good solution because many mothers want to have children but impossible. According to Makoto Shichida, a Japanese educator, babies can be geniuses if they are born safely and well cared for by their parents at birth."

------------------------------------- As a part of the Prenatal Memory Global Project, our team is preparing for another International Congress in November this year to present our effort at the APPPAH's Virtual International Congress.

Presentation Description: Dr. Akira Ikegawa has been touching many souls of parents, especially mothers, and changing the lives of people all around the world. Prenatal Memory has been instrumental in solving many cases of difficult parenting situations such as a miscarriage, a child suffering an ailment, or born with a physical handicap. We are gathering a group of Prenatal Memory Teams from Japan to present their Prenatal Memory research and its application throughout different professions and practices. We will address how Prenatal Memory impacts the prenatal and perinatal minds, as well as reflect through our traditional culture and transforming society. As you can see, Ko Shichida is one of our presenters! Thank you, APPPAH for giving us another great international opportunity! #APPPAH #BirthPsychology #2021VirtualInternationalCongress

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