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Pay-it-Forward Towards Mr. Ogikubo's Sequel!

The producer of the film, Mr. Norio Ogikubo kindly offered to share his film during the 2019 APPPAH International Congress on Pay It Forward (donation only). We had two screening during the Congress. I am writing this post to inform you all that Mr. Ogikubo received $498.01 & 1,000 yen from our two film screenings. Thank you all who participated and gave us encouragement to move forward with our project. Mr. Ogikubo will use funds from this event towards creating the sequel of Prenatal Memories of Children.

For those who haven't seen the film, here is a link for you to watch at home.

How to Watch Prenatal Memories of Children

Mr. Ogikubo's film, Prenatal Memories of Children contains many interviews of children and mothers of their extraordinary stories.

You can watch this film for $10 on Vimeo.

A documentary film produced, filmed, edited and directed by

Norio Ogikubo.

Casts: Akira Ikegawa, Masayuki Ohkado, Yumiko Tobitani, Chikako Kagami, and others

2016 / Japan / 101 minutes / color 

Yuko Igarashi's Film Review -

(JOPPPAH Spring 2018) Mr. Ogikubo capturing heartwarming stories in these films.

~A message from the school in the after world~

Mr. Doishu is the only one to appear in this documentary film and it is entirely focused on him and his experiences.

He was a boy who could see the aura.

When he was in the 6th grade, his little sister who died in their mother's womb would come to visit him. None of his family or his friend could see or feel the existence of his sister as he could.

He certainly enjoyed his unique connection with his sister. She would suddenly show up to hold his hand or to laugh together, or to watch television together - a sister who no one else could see.

During the summer of 8th grade, his sister took him to visit the World of Light. He said in his memories that it felt more like going on a short day trip, rather than having a near-death experience caused by major illnesses or serious injuries. When you hear the phrase “World of Light,” you may imagine a scary place. But in reality, he shares an image that is the very gorgeous, dazzling, joyous, and overall a blissful world.

What is Mr. Doishu trying to tell us all from the message relayed to him from the World of Light? Kaigo Kodan – Kodan on Elder Care

This documentary film is capturing a story of a female Kōdan artist, Kakuei Tanabe (60 years old) created a lecture based on her own caregiving experience of her three aging parents with traditional oral Japanese storytelling methods.

Generally speaking, when you hear about caring for a dementia patient, you would imagine it will be "tough, painful, or miserable. But through this film, You will witness the family drama full of laughter and tears, it will certainly touch your heart. Kakuei, who has given care for three, has a respectful attitude and a sense of caring elder with grace. From dawn till dusk, then dusk till dawn, the daily routine involves everyone in a family in dementia home care yet, there's a great balance of laughter and wits sprinkled to her exquisite home care.

Kakuei's daughter Ginya said, “I thought Grandpa is a total stranger because I never really spoke with him.” but Kakuei makes a granddaughter (who is also a Kōdan artist) to get involved with the care and they've strengthened their family bonds.

With the rise of the curtain, Kakuei's daughter Ginya explains "what is Kōdan?" as a great opening act.

Then, the main performer Kakuei Tanabe appears on a stage.

Original Kōdan storytelling "Café Dementia" and then "Elder Care Kōdan" performance.

At the end of "Elder Care Kōdan" will be showing video recording of DVD capturing their personal stories. There's footage of mother and daughter caring for their elder, then their discussion after the Kōdan.

Capturing family bonds and heartwarming caregiving stories with a good laugh and tears.

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