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Presenting Unite the World: Prenatal Memory Global Project

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

I have coordinated the group from Japan and China for the presentation title, Unite the World: Prenatal Memory Global Project to showcase Dr. Ikegawa's research with 11 other presenters. We had a chance to have an all-day Pre-Congress Workshop, Breakout Session, and two Film Screening of the Documentary Film: Prenatal Memories of Children at 2019 APPPAH's International Congress in Denver, Colorado. We started our presentation with this short video.

Here is a list of presenters from Japan and China: International Coordinator, Host, Translator & Interpreter, Visual Creator, and a Presenter

Yuko Igarashi

Presenters From Japan

Dr. Akira Ikegawa

Dr. Taku Yokoyama

Rev. Satoshi Ueda

Mr. Akiharu Machida

Ms. Yuko Tsuchihashi

Ms. Hanako Chonan

Mr. Hideki Takeuchi (MIKI)

Presenters From China

Dr. Liangkun Ma

Dr. RuiMin Zheng

Ms. Sammi Ying

Press Team Members

Mr. Norio Ogikubo

Mr. Hitoshi Nishio

Ms.Toyomi Oshima

Guest Speaker

Ms. Tommy Miyazaki

Tommy shared her incredible birth story at our breakout session.

Sentences below are her message to the world:

Why don't we speak to the babies, right after the conception‼️ Why don't we ask the babies, right after the conception‼️ We can change the world with love💖‼️

Special Guests and Supporter

Ms. Chikako Saito (APPPAH member)

Ms. Junko Yokoyama We Are Working on It! While I was giving speeches at the Congress, I kept mentioning how I will make sure for our guests and anyone who wish to access our information will be distributed widely via the internet. Until then, here is a link explaining how I started this project:

I am still gathering PowerPoint slides from our presenters, and once I receive everyone's slides, I am going to share it with the world. Stay tuned for more information!

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