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Why am I Curious About Prenatal Memory?

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Around the same time last year, I had the craziest idea to gather people who have been working to spread the concept of Prenatal Memory. Do you know how long they've been in the field? Some of them are serving in this field for 20 years! They are all getting involved with communities and touching many souls in their daily life. It all started by getting to know a person who is deeply inspiring people around the globe. Serving as the OB-GYN doctor at the Ikegawa Clinic for 40 years and the world's leading Prenatal Memory researcher, Dr. Akira Ikegawa.

I received the question, "Why did you get interested in Prenatal Memory?"

The answer is quite simple because I still remembered my Prenatal Memory.

According to the definition provided by the Prenatal Memory Education Association (PREMEA), there are nine different categories of "Prenatal Memory".

9 Categories of "Memory in the Womb and Beyond"

1. Prenatal Memory - Memory from Embryo up to Birth

2. Birth Memory - Memory at Birth

3. Newborn / Infant /Toddler Memory - Memory from birth to mid toddler

4. Conception Memory - Memory includes all the variations such as witnessing sexual acts of parents, awareness of sperm journey and/or ovum memory, IVF memories.

5. Sperm Memory - Memory as a sperm

6. Ovum Memory - Memory as an egg

7. Life-Between-Life Memory - Memory from the end of the previous life to fertilization

8. Past Life Memory - A memory as another person that lived in the past

9. Duplicate Memory - Any combination of the memories from #1 to #8

SOURCE: PREMEA Basic course" textbook-Chapter 2, (1) What is Prenatal Memory? Page #20.

I personally attain #7 and #8 which still remain till this date so I am category #9.

My daughter also shares her memories with me regarding #2, #3, #6, #7, #8 so she is also #9. To tell you the honest truth, it is actually quite embarrassing to admit the fact that I didn't even know about Dr. Ikegawa until the summer of 2017...

The way I found out about Dr. Ikegawa was through reading a book written by Ms. Hanako Chonan

Original Title in Japanese: こどもはママのちっちゃな神さま

Currently only Available in Japanese

Yes, I only know him for less than two years!

(From Left) Ms. Hanako Chonan, Yuko Igarashi, and Dr. Akira Ikegawa

I shared this story at the Congress stage during our workshop and breakout session participants heard that Hanako was the one who saved me when I was struggling with how to interact with my daughter. Oh, I was emotional! Because when I met Hanako and Dr. Ikegawa (above), I talked to them about how much I would like to translate their work and dedications. Dr. Ikegawa asked if I have any connection with publisher oversea and I simply said,

"I don't have any connection with publishers but I will find a way! I have a strong belief that THIS will be known throughout the globe."

Do you want to know how my life was raising my daughter?

Here is a story: NEXT : How I Became a Living Dead

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