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Happy Birthday, Dr. Akira Ikegawa!
Written by: Yuko Igarashi

October 11th was Dr. Ikegawa's birthday and instead of creating a big event this year, we planned a surprise party.


So...Here are some photos of celebrating his birthday with core members, a family member of the Prenatal Memory Education Association.

Below -

Dr. Ikegawa looking through a birthday celebration book created by many of the Prenatal Memory Education Association's family members, friends, and colleagues.

I joined this celebration as a secret guest, to deliver a very special message from my global friends who truly care about birth psychology, parenting, and creating a better world for the future of our children.

We were connected via zoom and I begin sharing this video.  

Dr. Ikegawa and his Prenatal Memory family watched the video together.

My daughter joined and wished Dr. Ikegawa a happy birthday, she was very happy to be a part of this special day...


Please watch a short video message from Dr. Akira Ikegawa. 

We thank each and every one of you for creating a special moment

at this pivotal point of

global transformation!

From Dr. Ikegawa and Prenatal Memory Education Family 

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